Willa Elphinstone started Drumkilbo Designs nearly 30 years ago, since then her sophisticated style has constantly evolved with the times.

It is always a pleasure to help source interesting furniture, paintings, lighting fittings etc.

Although I have been decorating for many years, I am forever learning. This helps to keep my style and mind open to all sorts of new ideas which can be combined to their best advantage for my clients and their houses.

It would be a great pleasure to discuss with you, anything which you think I could help you with regarding the decorating of your house and home.”

"Having lived in Scotland for many years I have now travelled south to Wales. From where I look forward to continuing decorating and helping clients to fulfil their desire to create a home within a house to suit their families and way of life.

I have worked on many private and commercial projects from Scottish castles and shooting lodges to cottages, to London flats to country homes.

I specialise mostly in traditional country house style, but often with
unexpected contemporary touches.
I love to use wonderful textured and ageless fabrics, which help to lose
the 'newly decorated' feel.

  Drumkilbo Designs

Willa Elphinstone
Drumkilbo Designs
Court Henry
SA32 8RU
United Kingdom

Mob: 07721 389744


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